Professional Development Points (PDPs)

How to receive Professional Development Points (PDPs)

We are a registered Professional Development (PD) provider in the state of Massachusetts, which means if you are a Massachusetts teacher, you can receive PDPs for completing our online courses. We are currently certified to grant PDPs in the following content areas: Safe & Supportive Learning Environments and Special Education (General).

If interested, here are instructions on how to receive them:

Sign up for a Training Membership

Sign up for a training membership to gain access to all our online courses. Pricing starts at just $50 for 2 months of access to all our online courses.

Complete Online Courses

To receive PDPs with us, you can take any of our online courses that you like, but you must complete at least 10 hours worth of them before we can grant PDPs. Each course is labeled with the estimated time of completion.

Request PDP Certificate

Once you have completed enough courses that the total estimated course length adds up to 10+ hours, you will receive a notification on the site telling you that you are eligible to receive PDPs from us. Contact us then to request a PDF certificate documenting your PDPs.

Track your Progress

If at any point you are curious if you are eligible to receive PDPs from us yet, you can track your progress by navigating to your User Profile. Or feel free to contact us and we’re more than happy to answer!

Unfortunately, we are not able to grant PDPs for attending or viewing our webinars or webinar recordings at this time.