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NIP Specialist Course Introduction & Overview

This Week 1 overview of NIP's Online Inclusive Recreation Course introduces the nuts & bolts of the course and provides an opportunity to get to know other students/instructors in the Pilot Cohort.

5 Lessons

Course Overview

This online course helps individuals earn a specialized certificate in inclusive recreation. Self-paced, comprehensive modules, assignments, assessments, activities, and interactive feedback will equip practitioners to implement best practices of inclusive recreation across a range of settings to meet the needs of children with disabilities and support their families.

Course Audience

Students and early career professionals working in inclusive recreation and related fields, inclusive or adaptive athletics coaches, community youth program directors, recreation program leadership, inclusion support personnel, camp leadership, afterschool program coordinators… anyone guiding the development or delivery of recreation services for children with disabilities and their families. Whether you are a recent degree graduate, novice practitioner, veteran professional, or career changer– this course will introduce new concepts and reinforce essential strategies for successfully serving children with diverse abilities in a wide range of play, social, and leisure settings.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be endorsed as an Inclusive Recreation Specialist by the National Inclusion Project. You will:

  • Specialize/enhance your knowledge of inclusive recreation
  • Increase marketability/employability
  • Enrich expertise & credentials for advancement and/or career transitions
  • Become part of a network of professionals across a range of settings and a variety of programs
  • Be better prepared for inclusion- focused positions than with generalized degrees alone Learn to implement inclusive recreation best practices with fidelity.

Course Materials

The Standards for Inclusive Recreation anchor all competencies and learning objectives of each of the Modules in this course. The Standards enhance professionals’ understanding of social inclusion and guide them to implement practices that will improve and expand inclusive programming across a wide range of settings.

Download a copy of the Standards to keep on handy throughout your coursework, assignment completion, & activity engagement.

Standards for Inclusive Recreation Programs